Saturday, July 30, 2016

Welcome To My Blog….

Sunday 31 Jul 2016

After spending the past couple of years doing more focused and consistent research into my family history, I felt it was time to start writing about what I have found.  For my own development it is important to start writing regularly and consistently and also to get these stories documented.

I plan to focus in this blog on my family history research and the details of what I found (or not found).  There are a number of “brick walls” that I have encountered and I hope that by writing about them it might help me move forward in some of these lines.

It is also my hope that these posts will be of interest to my family and spark their curiosity to know more about their ancestors, where they came from and why they made their homes in Central Illinois.   Another area where I hope to make progress is to identify additional cousins or rediscover them.  My family lines (especially the material ones) are quite large so I am sure there are new family members to find.

Come along for the ride……

I hope your interest is sparked and you will come along with me on this journey through Minor Genea-Origins!

P.S…..please share this blog with family and friends on social media!  This is the best and fastest way to get the word out.