Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – “Mary’s” With No Last Name

Randy Seaver in his “Genea-Musings” blog posts a weekly challenge for digging deeper into our family history.

This week’s post is about analyzing our female ancestors to find any with the first name of “Mary” but who’s last name (maiden) is unknown.  The link to his post is:  .

Here’s my analysis.

Yes!  I have some Mary’s in my genealogy database program with an unknown maiden name. 

I found twelve women named “Mary” or “Maria” who’s maiden name is unknown.  Additionally, I am going to add one more for a baker’s dozen of thirteen.  My third great grandmother, Maria Nufer’s maiden name is not nailed down yet.  Of these thirteen unknown Mary’s only three are in my direct line.

I use 5 underscores (_____) to denote that a name is unknown rather than the word.

Direct Line
1.  Maria Margaretha _____ - this is my 7th great grandmother through my Stenger line.  She is the wife of Johann Reubert who likely lived in Wasserlos, Germany.
2.  Maria _____ - this is my 6th great grandmother through my Stenger/Pfeifer line.  She is the wife of Nikolaus Griesing from Germany.
3.  Maria _____ - My third great grandmother through my Loescher line.  Her married name is Nufer.  Possible maiden names include “Lehnifger”, “Cotchie” and “Schnitzer”. 

More research is needed to figure out who these women are to give them back their names!

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